Events in the city at the weekend

There are not quality events on the programme. What follows is more than first-class entertainment

Wednesday 17th of April 2019

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The Spring Flower Exhibition in Manjez Park called "Sun and Flowers" lasts until Sunday, 21st April. Growers of green and colourful plants, conifers, decorative stems and sellers of complete flower equipment, total of 40 of them will offer the best for natural landscaping. Discounts are ready. Tips also. Hurry up for your new flowers and greenery to a traditional manifestation under the open sky.

The Belgrade Fortress is a place where a large entertaining and educational event will be held. The Knight Fest 2019 will return Kalemegdan to the Despot epoch on Saturday and Sunday, 20th and 21st April. Six centuries in reverse, but with a modern programme. This will not only be an aesthetic but also an ethical retrospective. The values ​​that only true heroes possess will be at the center of attention, and there are stories, plays and a great atmosphere for all ages.

The 7th Belgrade Meow Fest will gather together those who love cats and those who know everything about them at the Youth Center on 21st April from 11:00 to 17:00. A festival devoted to these highly intelligent animals has a humanitarian character. More than 50 cats are ready for adoption and along with the new pet go gifts. Perhaps your home is their new address. The answer to each question will be given by the "Le PETit" cat club and Veterinary Institution of Belgrade. With the slogan "Come to Purr Together", everyone fascinated by the cuddly furry creatures is invited.

On Sunday, 21st April, the 11th time in a row is organized "Jevremova - street of meetings". The Patronal Feast Cveti (Palm Sunday) and the day of the Municipality of Stari Grad are a reason for a party in one of the most beautiful Belgrade streets, in Gospodar Jevremova Street. A gala music programme for children and another stage for adults, plays and final spectacle - show of masked preschoolers are more than good enough reasons to come and walk.