Such great events in the city

The weekend with an amazing atmosphere that will be talked about for a long time is coming

Wednesday 15th of May 2019

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Promotion of domestic and foreign crafts, food, literature, films, music and knowledge. Shorter - there is not an uninteresting day in Belgrade. Following events are such that they must be visited.

1. Belgrade Night Market - Market Block 44

For a change, jubilee 20th BNM is scheduled for Thursday, 16th May. Traditionally, from 18:00 to 24:00. Stalls of Novi Beograd will host designers, food and beverage producers and craftsmen, and music by DJs will further enrich well-known positive energy among exhibitors and visitors. Not even rain can spoil the fun at this market because it is completely covered. Make sure to come to a party among the stalls.

2. Spanish meter 2019 - Yugoslav Cinematheque, Belgrade Youth Center and the Hall of the Cultural Center of Belgrade

From 15th to 27th May, more than 20 films will be screened. Exclusively from Spain because this festival is dedicated to cinematography from this region. It is not a secret that there is some secret connection between Serbia and Spain. Considering the fact that the cultural-artistic festival is organized for the twelfth time, everything is already known. A quality programme is implied. Welcome to socializing with Hispanic films and great accompanying content.

3. Ring Ring Festival - SKC

The International New Music Festival is scheduled for the period from 15th to 20th May. Solo performers and group performances will once again push the boundaries and show that music that is not on the list of popular genres is very much attractive. More than 30 participants from Serbia, Japan, France, Germany, America and other countries will show their great talent on the Ring Ring 2019. We dare you to miss out the musical-scenic concept.

4. Cumic Book Fest - Cumicevo sokace

"Read, Be a Man, Come to Cumic to Cumic Book Fest" is the name of the fourth edition of the gathering with written words. At the center of attention will be the work of domestic authors at reduced prices. From 16th to 20th May, discussions, talks with writers and gigs will be organized. In addition to books, you will also be able to get t-shirts made by creative domestic designers. All in one place. Everything for typical city entertainment.