Walk through Botanical garden

People change depending on the mood and similar factors. Decorated nature is always fascinating

Sunday 5th of May 2019

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Botanical garden Jevremovac is a unique place in Belgrade. Already in the first warm days it becomes an oasis that records numerous visits every day. Create your own walking calendar and make sure that a visit of the garden with a lecture of professional guides is mandatory on the programme.

Just one hour, as long as the tour lasts, is enough to make you absolutely enchanted by the beauty of the greenery. Sightseeing of unusual natural wealth is both fun and educational. You can take somebody with you. You can explore by yourself. You will only make a mistake if you refuse the invitation for a walk.

Paradise is already at the entrance. More than 2,000 different plants from all over the world will welcome you. Classified so they look best with each other and visually. The glass garden, library, herbarium, chair (cathedra) and laboratories will be at your disposal. Nevertheless, the largest part, the open-air museum-garden is the reason why a smile appears on the face in no time.

Only at this address can you see certain plants. Rare species are cultivated exclusively in the botanical garden. There are also popular green family representatives. Presented by educated staff, they become your best company. Let the sightseeing of special places in Belgrade start right now.