Belef 2019

A lot of things are ephemeral. Fortunately, Belef is eternal

Saturday 15th of June 2019

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The 28th Belgrade Summer Festival - Belef, entitled "Doleti" is organized from 21st June to 7th July. Considering the very high quality and comprehensive programme, absolutely everyone will come to Belef 2019.

Belef 2019 is opened with the play "Antigone - 2,000 years later" in Hangar on 21st June. On the same day, an exhibition of an Irish photographer, Kristijan Antolovic, "Behind the Selfie" will be organized at the French Institute. The unique fusion of classics and contemporary era is the main feature of this event. That is why, among iconic plays and great music, the audience will be entertained by Baka Prase, You Tube attraction.

Music will be flawless. From the concert of the band Queen Real Tribute, accompanied by the chamber orchestra, through the performance of the Vienna Salon Orchestra to the Odjila Ensemble and for the end, a great concert in front of the Military Museum with the stars Vlatko Stefanovski and Marko Hatlak band. Simply amazing.

An international festival of different types of art, music, dance and theater, along with a touch of visual artistic performances, will again surprise and delight the audience. Exhibitions, plays for children and adults, concerts, outdoor dance shows, premiere and legendary contents are included in almost twenty cultural and artistic units. Bearing in mind the longevity of the unique Belgrade festival, nothing less than an impressive tradition is expected. Be sure to check out what this year's festival offers in Belgrade.

Artists from all over the world, Belef participants will spend the most time on Kalemegdan because the programme will be mostly realized at the Belgrade Fortress. Ideal for an unforgettable cultural summer in Belgrade. Perfect for the audience of all affinities. Unrepeatable fun for all generations. It can only be Belef!