Current exhibitions

Museums in Belgrade have an excellent repertoire valid until the end of June. Without postponing, go and visit great exhibitions

Saturday 22nd of June 2019

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Always a good choice. The Museum of Contemporary Art is the place where the exhibition "In touch with" is held. It is about 12 works created by students of the Sculpture department at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade. The specialty lies in the accompanying interpretation intended for the visually impaired and blind persons. The exhibition is enriched with various forms and materials in order to remove all the restrictions. With curators Katarina Krstic and Senka Ristivojevic, the whole concept gets even better quality. After you breathe in the dose of art, take advantage of the ideal weather and go to the quay for a portion of fresh air.

The Salon of the Museum of Contemporary Art is a destination where there is a special story until 1st July. 100% feminine! The exhibition "Women's Stories" is the result of seven young artists gathered by the author, Misela Blanusa, who represents their attitudes and reflections from the most intimate depths and everyday situations. Gorana Bacevac, Svetlana Bulatovic, Sanja Copic, Andrea Dramicanin, Nadezda Kircanski, Tijana Radenkovic and Jelena Pantelic are focused on creativity. Without feminist colours. Without unrealistic ideas. Pure talent and women's energy. Perfect.

From people to acts. A man, when creative, creates miracles. Using different materials. In the Museum of Applied Arts, the focus is on a visiting exhibition of artistic glass. Under the name "Glassmovement", the author from Slovakia, Lubomir Ferko, gathered more than 30 artists participants to bring Slovak artistic sensitivity closer to the Belgrade audience. The retrospective of the long history of glass processing in this country is divided into several stages and each one is extremely attractive.

An extra event: Afro festival 2019. Of course, at the Museum of African Art. From 28th to 30th June, an event with a tradition that dates back to 1997 will be held. The guest country is the Arab Republic of Egypt. Specific promotion of the culture and customs of distant Africa includes exhibitions, concerts, debates, lectures, film screenings, various workshops and guided tours through the Museum's displays. After visiting this festival, you will have the feeling that the whole of Africa has come to the city.