July in Belgrade 2019

The hot seventh month is knocking at the door. Must -have goods and clothes are everywhere. Make sure you are always in a good mood. City programme will take care of everything else

Monday 1st of July 2019

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Heat during day. Heat in the dark. Considering that there are no crowds, the July forecast for Belgrade is excellent in advance. Boredom is for boring people. You are not, so enjoy the summer city way.

The manners of a metropolis require certain rules. One of them is to keep up with the events. Live only. Talking about it is justified only if you are a narrator. The calendar of events will organize a day in Belgrade better than anyone. Where to go out during the day has countless answers.

July 2019 has everything! Gastronomic manifestations, gatherings around tradition, concerts of local and foreign musicians, attractions. New plan for every day. Museums work more than usual. Hardworking organizers are not on vacation, they are at work. They are doing their best for a great repertoire.

If your plan took you away from the city, you will miss Japanism. The Festival of Japanese Culture has grown and grew into the Balkan Asia Convention - BACon and represents now the most attractive parts of Asian entertainment, cinema, music and games. The venue is unchanged. The Youth Center will gather many fans of this particular galaxy from 4th to 7th July.

Make sure you are in town in the second half of the month. Guest appearance of another distant country is coming. Exotic Cuba will move to the Barutana club on 24th July. Incredible Alexander Abreu and his band Havana D'Primera will represent incredible country. The singer, songwriter and first-class trumpet player insists on salsa, jazz, funk and Afro rhythm in the original edition. It has been so since 2008 when he launched a great musical story. Members of the orchestra are widely known and recognized professionals all over the world. A special Latino tour will shake your hips and start good vibes.

Now it is completely clear that it is completely in vain to leave the capital of Serbia. However, if the sea has persuaded you to pack, have a nice trip! Have a nice time and even better and faster return.