Weekend city events

The time has come to say goodbye to July. Thanks to numerous manifestations, this was a really good month. That is how it ends as well. Amazingly

Wednesday 24th of July 2019

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Hey, hey, hey! Who is ready for a new weekend adventure? Everyone, of course. Finish your work and other kind of obligations in time. These are the top 3 events in the city that should not be missed.

1. Belgrade Night Market - Kalenic Market

A midsummer night's dream is not musical evergreen. It is not even the name of a cake. But it is a real treat. 100% summer. The Belgrade night market bearing this name is scheduled for Friday 26th July beginning at 18:00. Again designers, craftsmen and artists. Again sellers of delicious and nutritious goods. With a great music programme because there is no city entertainment without a good rhythm. Kalenic stalls will work until midnight.

2. Arhangel fest 2019 - the Danube Quay

The festival of music, motors and powerful energy will make a carnival atmosphere in the otherwise quiet part of the city on Friday and Saturday 26th and 27th July. Grocka is the place where the third Arhangel fest is organized by the oldest motorcycle club in Serbia of the same name. On Friday, from 18:00 to 24:00, Disaster, HCZ, Northern Revival, Jorgovani, Mortal Kombat and Sevi play. Loup Garou, Loud, Blaza i Kljunovi, Riblja Corba and Rainmaker are scheduled for Saturday. This is not just a free rock'n'roll festival. This is a gathering of people who think the same and who are advocating for the same values. Bikers have long been known as people with a big heart. And when they organize an event, then it is a first-class entertainment for all generations.

3. Picnic - Museum of African Art

The last July Sunday is ideal for a picnic in the museum. From 12:00 to 21:00, the museum park will be roaring with great energy and rich programme. DJs Do the Math, Igor Jadranin and Andrija Milosevic will perform in this order of appearance and entertain guests with their sets. It is advisable to take your own blanket for enjoying on the grass. Other picnic props are not needed. Especially not food because gastro guests are also coming. Yoga instructor will take care of the greatest relaxation. Make sure you take the children as well because a lot of creative content has been prepared for them.