What to do at the weekend

There are a lot of events in Belgrade. Accompanied or not, you will not be let down by metropolis fun

Wednesday 10th of July 2019

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Tesla Days 2019 - an event that will mark the week and the whole of July. Nikola Tesla was born on 10th July 1856. He lived until 7th January 1943. The genius that still has no heirs is an inexhaustible inspiration, and his works are still the subject of study today. The birthday of an incomprehensibly intelligent scientist is a cause for organizing a large event that will be held in Serbia and the whole region. The programme for Belgrade includes exhibitions, lectures, sightseeing tours that Tesla himself visited and many more.

The Nikola Tesla Museum will be free to all visitors on Wednesday, 10th July. The same gift was also prepared by the Museum of Science and Technology. The exhibition dedicated to Nikola Tesla will be held at the Millennium Tower, which houses the "Cubrilo" Gallery, from 10th to 31st July.

Saturday, 13th July, from 08:00 to midnight is the day of "Dan za limuNADU za Svratiste". The traditional manifestation, organized by the associations The Children's Home and The Center for Youth Integration, calls for socializing with an important reason. All income of the lemonades sold will be used for purchasing school equipment that children need. A list of catering facilities where you can drink special lemonade is updated daily. For now it is certain that over 60 caterers will be very happy to serve humanitarian refreshment. Be very thirsty and order as many glasses of lemonade as possible.

Do not let casual Sunday fool you and keep you at home. Go to the Youth Center and enjoy the vinyl rhythm. The "July Record Market" will be held on the fourteenth day of July from 10:00 to 14:00. Do not worry about time. The socializing of the record lovers is the hall of Americana. Closed space will be crowded with well-preserved records and compact discs, ready for exchange.