What to do until the end of the month

February 2021 in Belgrade has a lot to offer. There will not be boredom for sure

Wednesday 10th of February 2021

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The most popular date, 14th February, will be marked by shopping. Some will take the chance to renew their personal winery and raise a glass to Saint Trifun. Cheers!

Others will rush to get an engagement ring, red underwear, a bouquet of flowers, stuffed toys. Whether you are celebrating wine day or love day, get ready for the crowds in every store.

The recommendation for everyone and every day is a walk to the monument to Stefan Nemanja. Guides from the Museum of the City of Belgrade are waiting for you on the renovated Sava Square near the magnificent monument. Every working day from 10:00 to 18:00, when the weather conditions allow, they share their knowledge about the most important family line in Serbia - Nemanjic. In addition to good photography, you will come home with a great lecture. Completely free.

The fact that everyday life is slowly returning to normal is confirmed by a great musical event that begins on 13th February. The BBD Nights 2021 festival is being held in the hall of the Madlenianum Theater, and exactly 60 concerts will be organized until 19th March. Live enjoyment is about to start. The rich list of performers is a proof that it was worth waiting for an event like this.

The shortest and least predictable month of the year will be marked both by real spring and cold winter. Do not give up enjoying the city because of the weather. Find events in Belgrade to your taste and let the good fun begin now.