Belgrade is open again

And the feeling is the old one - magnificent

Wednesday 23rd of June 2021

Tourists from abroad already feel like at home after their first day in Belgrade. And why not. For decades, Belgrade has been considered a city that is ready to welcome every well-intentioned person at any moment. And not only to host, but to give the feeling of a second home.

Even the pandemic did not prevent city fans from spending a certain, or even longer time in Belgrade. While many European cities were "closed", Belgrade was "open" according to its good old tradition. "Other languages" were heard along Knez Mihailova Street, around the St. Sava Temple, all the way to the Zemun Quay.

However, one thing was missing - the possibility for caterers to do their best and host customers in the late hours. This is possible again. Hotels are immediately 70% full. It is a clear sign that Belgrade is returning to its well-known rhythm.

The people of Belgrade know whether and when their favorite places are open and will be happy to direct tourists to them with recommendations on what they must try. And for younger people - nightlife. The clubs are back to their regular schedule, and this summer, they are ready to open their doors even earlier than the standard late-night hours.

"Belgrade is working again"! Welcome!