Lemonade Day for the Svratiste

Children's Center Svratiste (Hangout) and caterers work together towards a common goal - to make starting school a joy for children from the streets

Thursday 22nd of July 2021

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Over 30 restaurants and bars are participating in the "Day for Lemonade for the Children's Center Svratiste" campaign. All you need to do is choose your favorite place on Saturday, July 24, and order lemonade. All the income goes straight to the fund for equipping children, residents of the Shelter for going to school, of which there are 250 this year.

September 1st is the most important day for first graders. The children of the street have far more worries than can be imagined. But they also have us who adore fundraisers like this. And lemonade! Don't be tight around your belt, order as much lemonade as you can.

The list of participants, more precisely the caterers who supported this fundraiser, is being extended minute by minute. A poster - a sign that you are in the right place will surely hang all of Madera, Franche, Blaznavac, Kultura bar, Bagel Bagel, Sunset, Kafe bar 16, Monument restaurants, Liga pub, Crna Ovca at both their addresses, Gavez club, Papagaj i Biblioteka, Majstor i Margarita, Supermarket Deli, Hotel Heritage, Cafe Supa, and others.

For the sixth time, the same event is being organized. For the sixth time, the funds are being collected for school supplies. For the sixth time posters are being pasted. If you have been a regular participant in previous years, well done. All of you who are going to drink lemonade for the first time, enjoy and don't miss events like this.