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Monday 15th of May 2023

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The Jevremovac Botanical Garden hosts the Spirit of the East event at the same time when the Japanese cherry blossoms bloom most beautifully throughout the whole year. Recitations of poetry, lectures, workshops, exhibitions and much more that will bring closer the culture of the East and the indisputable tradition will be on the program of this event. As expected, the plant species in their own home deserve special attention. Visitors will learn a lot about the cherry blossom, a symbol of beauty, youth, spring and love.

Lightning fast, it is time for a new edition of the 27th Ring Ring International New Music Festival. The Jewish Cultural Center and Studio 6 of Radio Belgrade are the locations where music will be played from 17th to 21st May. A total of nine concerts from the domestic area and from all over the world will be presented on this year's musical journey. Always different, fresh and intriguing. Always of high quality. Forever oriented to the young, to the experienced, to musicians who live for powerful sound.

Botany is still in the spotlight. The spring flower fair in Manjez Park is on and will be until Sunday, 21st May. The second part of the favorite event for lovers of indoor flowers, nursery equipment, supporting material, decoration and other accessories is available every day from 09:00 to 19:00. The exhibition is called "Belgrade Spring", and visitors can expect an exhibition and sales part.

Especially attractive for little geniuses - the Science Festival at the Belgrade Fair. The largest scientific event in the entire part of Europe has been promoting well-known and especially unestablished scientists from Serbia and other countries for fifteen years. Workshops, lectures, gatherings, experiments and much more with the aim of presenting science through entertainment, with the idea that every visitor will be inspired and interested in learning and studying. Be sure to bring the little ones to the fair from 17th to 19th May.