Days of Belgrade from 16th to 19th April

The name Belgrade was first documented 1146 years ago. Exactly 157 years ago, the Turks handed over the keys to the city to Prince Mihailo. In the name of these historic days, numerous events

Tuesday 16th of April 2024

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Days of Belgrade 2024 are organized in several locations from 16th to 19th April. An authentic and extremely rich history intertwined with a rich cultural heritage is a reason to devote time to your city these days, refresh your knowledge and learn something new about the wonderful roads of the white city.

Before the start of the famous manifestation, on 15th April, a session of the Temporary Council of Belgrade was held so that the members of the Commission for the awarding of awards announced their decisions regarding the Ceremonial Awarding of the City of Belgrade. Four days later, on 19th April, from 12:00, awards will be given to outstanding individuals who have contributed to the development of culture, science, economy and sports in Belgrade.

Days of Belgrade 2024 - complete program

On the first day of the event, 16th April, at 10:00, flowers were laid at the Kalemegdan memorial. In the same place where Mihailo Obrenovic symbolically took over the keys of the city from Ali Riza Pasha, but absolutely returned power to the hands of the Serbs and freed it from the Turks. A solemn procession, the musical orchestra of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, cadets of the Military Academy, the Cavalry Brigade of the City Police Department, in the presence of the city government and citizens, will mark the beginning of this year's event. As part of the event, members of the Serbian Armed Forces will perform an honorary firing.

On the same day, an exhibition called "Terazije, review and memory - Belgrade's heritage: photos and postcards from the collection of Milos Jurisic" will be opened at the Terazije fountain, which will broadcast old memories and a review of the historical development of the favorite city area through 21 billboards. The appearance of Terazije from 1890 to the middle of the 20th century through an exhibition under the open sky is the result of the organization of the Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments of the City of Belgrade.

Walks through Belgrade's heritage are now a traditional part of the program. The following walks have been organized for this year: Central Tower of Staro Sajmiste, Zindan Gate and Terazije.

Open doors of cultural institutions in Belgrade is a part reserved for theaters. Free performances in the second half of April, visits to galleries, exhibition spaces, cultural centers, libraries, scientific institutes where workshops, forums and programs, exhibitions and other contents will be organized are available to everyone who wants to enjoy in a typical Belgrade way.

Days of Belgrade 2024 carry the slogan "To Belgrade, with love", and the executive producer of the event is the Dadov Youth Theatre.