OPENS AT 12:00

Hidden restaurants are very sought after and rare. Domestic and foreign audiences alike adore Senjak. Right there, a special restaurant sits shrouded. Simple and memorable. The focus is on freshly caught sea fish. From the Adriatic sea, made with love and presented directly in front of you. An elegant place with an unrealistically pleasant garden, it serves specialties that cannot be forgotten. Of course, the selection of wines compliments every bite.

Seafood is hard to find in Belgrade. Just like quality seafood restaurants. In a place simply named "27" you will discover the magic of taste. As each bite melts under your palate your eyes enjoy a perfectly served dish, and nature and fine music can be heard. Touch the cosmopolitan spirit while holding the hand of a loved one. After coming here all of your senses will be thanking you and telling you to come again.

Absolutely all representatives of the menu are exotic, magical, and uncompromisingly high quality. Served so that they look like a little art gallery crafted with great enthusiasm. Warm goose liver, homemade tagliatelle with shrimps, pressed beef ribs with parsnip puree, veal tongue, and asparagus with "Hollandaise" sauce are just a small part of what is being prepared here every single day. Whether you prefer fish or would rather opt for meat, full gastronomic satisfaction is guaranteed.

Every step towards enjoying something this unique is carefully created. From homemade bread with dried tomatoes, cranberries, and raisins or in a version with walnuts and hazelnuts to very hard-to-find ingredients. From an excellent array of deserts to an exceptional menu of drinks. The same attention is paid to the arrangement of the entire interior. Simply put, an unavoidable place within the city.