Lounge 27



Breakfast in Belgrade is an authentic tourist attraction, but only at selected addresses. One special oasis for waking up is located in the very center of the city. Where the paths of all guests from abroad cross, in an area that is frequented every day for work and socializing, there is a first-class concept where your gastronomic wishes are imperative. Lounge 27 knows better than you what you need at all times.

Hedonism of the highest standard opens it's doors every morning as early as seven o'clock. The dilemma of where to have breakfast is solved. Until 11:00 a.m., you have the opportunity to taste delicious homemade specialties from the buffet table. A healthy selection, eggs of your choice or fried foods, prepared with a lot of knowledge and as much love will win you over so much that you will plan to wake up at this address every day. Be sure to come with your youngest! The children's menu is of such a quality that even the sharpest little ones will not be able to resist it.

Refined aesthetics will enthrall you at the first meeting. Lounge 27 is an unusually attractive space that it can stand side by side with popular restaurants from major cosmopolitan destinations. Big difference - this location is in the city center. No traveling, no time wasting. Exclusive relaxation with good energy and perfect food and drinks.

Local groceries, A- quality ingredients and craftsmanship woven from decades of experience create harmony for the sense of taste. The simple menu contains proven favorite portions, whether you are a vegetarian, a vegan or an eternal lover of world flavors. Bruschetta, grilled Miročki cheese, prosciutto, a meal of salads, pastas and must-have desserts represent more than a meal. Love at first bite is guaranteed. Modern cocktails, healthy drinks, creamy coffees, everything is here. Everything is waiting for you. Hurry up.

It's good to know that the kitchen is open until 13:00 on weekends. Let Lounge 27 be the starting point for getting to know the capital of Serbia, if you are visiting Belgrade. Hosts of the city, before you go on new adventures, come to this special restaurant first.

Business meetings, presentations, private get-togethers, weddings with a smaller number of guests, family and corporate lunches, any gathering can be organized right here. Equipped to the highest standards, focused exclusively on your wishes and requirements, they are guaranteed to meet expectations. Experience the most beautiful moments and eternal memories with the help of a professional team.