Did you know that in the heart of Dorcol you can eat a typical Japanese dish and have a Japanese premium beer? Great news for gourmands interested in exploring new things. All that is not sushi and is from Japan, is made and served right here. Once you have tried the dish that has attracted you the most or the one the staff has expertly suggested, make sure you have dessert since both Daifuku-Mochi and Japanese wah parfait is something really special.

For years Japanese cuisine has been living in the city center within Dorcol in its most authentic form. Real home cooking from Japan is rarely found in this part of Europe. Typical rules do not apply to Belgrade, nor to this restaurant, which has made it a specialty that delights its guests. Everything that makes up the tradition of delicious and healthy food from Japan is prepared and served exclusively at this place.

Authentic spices and traditional specialties, tailored to our eating habits, create a huge crowd at this great restaurant.

Miso soup with tofu and scallions, vegetable tempura or gambora tempura, grilled marinated bacon, cucumber, and pork rolls are just a small part of the large selection of appetizers. Gyoza - Japanese ravioli prepared with pork or vegetables. Japanese noodles have as many as six different representatives. As well as six famous Udon noodles.

Donburi (rice) is a frequent reason for coming to the house of delicious exotic dishes in the spirit of Japan. Each of the eight versions is a story in itself. A special gastronomic story you will be telling everyone about. A story that you can't stop thinking about once you feel hungry. Curry dishes, skewers, creative and extremely nutritious dishes, and desserts are on the menu that you must acquaint yourself with as soon as possible.

Japanese beer, sake, wine, tea, distinguished domestic beers, and brandies round off this fantastic oasis for a different kind of hedonism. The relaxed ambient is great for every moment. A relaxed and endlessly pleasant Japanese breakfast, lunch, dinner, or even a quick break is waiting here.

The Japanese say their meals are simple. They look like a piece of pure culinary art to us. However, they also say origami is easy. We believe that the exercise is still needed. It is a great thing to have such a restaurant in Belgrade since, apart from a nice place to eat, much can be learned from the representatives of the most hardworking nation in the world.