OPENS AT 11:00

This is the address where the sun is always shining. A typical Mediterranean atmosphere where no one is superfluous and everyone is wanted. Belgrade in the center provides a vibe like the one found at sea. That magical vibe is called Tri. Literally three steps away from everything that is popular. Completely alone or in pairs. It is even better if the best three friends embark on a journey of enjoyment.

Here, joy is felt at the first bite. Homemade products reach the hands of top gastronomy artists who create a spectacle for the sense of taste and the sense of sight by their own hands. Dare not to try baked camembert with cherry, rucola and roasted hazelnuts topping. Both this and every other dish delights like lottery first prize.

The modern ambiance allows nothing but super positive energy. Perfect visual design is the perfect partner for likes and likes on Instagram. Details attract like a magnet and do not let go so easily. You have no choice but to immediately go on the adventure provided by the Tri restaurant.