We bow before history. We greet the future. It seems incompatible but not for a fantastic downtown restaurant. Because of Mihailo's kitchen, people no longer cook at home. The food from this workshop is not just a reason to come here. It is one more member at every table. The always in-demand Serbian cuisine is the main symbol of this location. You may not have time to stroll down Knez Mihailova Street. You have to find time to stay at a restaurant of the same name.

Home cooked meals. Real cooked meals. Without artificial additives, according to the old recipe. Just like a long time ago, they are being cooked for hours. But they are eaten in no time. In the "daily menu" part of the menu, look for traditional flavours that will delight you.

Unusually rich selection of grilled meat meets the expectations of the greatest gourmands. Mixed meat, Blue ribbon (Plava traka), Karadjordje's steak, burger on kaymak, chicken, pork delicacies and great duck meat. This is just a part of the uncompromisingly perfect main courses.

Still prefer modern portions? No problem. The culinary team prepares salad meals, pasta, risotto and more. Each plate is for exhibition. There is no gastro miss at this address. You will see for yourself at the first bite.

It does not matter whether you are a city host or a guest in the capital. Every minute spent in a carefully designed interior is valuable. Alone or in a big company, it does not matter. The feeling is always the same - that you are in the right place.