OPENS AT 12:00

Omladinski stadium, OFK Belgrade and the unavoidable legendary restaurant. The hot energy from the pitch is always an inspiration for a culinary team that does not make mistakes. Each specialty is the right thing, and the sporting spirit dominates the entire facility. Like the fastest goal, there you have refined flavours of the whole of Serbia right in front of you.

Absolutely fair story. Feel free to bet, the price - quality ratio will not let you down. Keep in mind that anyone who bypasses this restaurant will be awarded penalty.

Modern mint and unobtrusive beige on the walls. A strikingly designed floor. For a change, wide tables and very comfortable chairs. The little things in the interior make the whole ambiance more beautiful right from the entrance. Refined with a single purpose. To make you indulge in magic called national cuisine.

Romantics know that the authentic aromas of Serbia cannot get bored, and just because of true lovers of real portions, they work hard every day. The restaurant has 90 seats. An exclusive offer during a football match - watch the events on the pitch from the VIP lounge of the restaurant. For true gastro pleasure, book your table in advance. They thought about everything so your ride has its place in front of the restaurant.

Barbecue, salad meals, soups and broths, fish, cold and hot appetizers, à la carte, veal and lamb roast, numerous always fresh salads, stews and must-have sweets. Chef's Recommendations part of the menu deserves standing ovations. Each serving is accompanied by more than 50 kinds of wine. It is up to you to choose what will make your palate happy today. There is not much talk about food here. You eat here. With all your senses.