More than the warm Mediterranean that warms all the senses. The most that hedonism on the river provides. A memory you will always remember. A souvenir for which there is always room and time. The magic that will make you love the Sava River and its incredible hospitality story.

Welcome to the boat-based restaurant where time loses all the power. You and all your desires are at the forefront. Aesthetically, this ambiance gets a straight A right at the entrance. A sophisticated blend of the finest from Greece and traditional local hospitality. The dominant white is a perfect match with warm unobtrusive, yet absolutely attractive tones. Only natural materials have completed the whole concept. For that reason, Suvenir is the location where the famous I do will be that perfect idyll you have dreamed of.

The pleasant atmosphere is certain. Remote comfortable tables and chairs are one more reason to organize important business meetings at this address. As well as unavoidable daily conversations.

The fusion of true cuisine of Serbia and the Mediterranean specialties is on the menu. Breakfast, hot and cold appetizers, soups, stews and pottage, barbecue, à la carte, specialties of the house and river and sea fish, home-cooked meals, meal salads, fresh salads, risotto and desserts are served daily. Do not worry, it will not be difficult to choose what to eat. The most professional and sincerely friendly staff will introduce you to a unique gastronomic paradise. Each coming will be a different, unforgettable souvenir. Enjoy in Suvenir now, keep precious moments forever.