Toro Grill


OPENS AT 13:00

Scottish beef, lamb, and beef directly from Pester, Mangalica prosciutto, and Kulen from Srem. Homemade cakes according to proven recipes, and hand-made bread. This is not the end. This is the beginning of the gourmet pearl guarded by the Zemun quay. A restaurant that exists only so that each guest experiences unique food. A place to relax. A place to mark important events. A place for all generations who appreciate prestigious flavours.

Steak House Toro Grill is the only member of the "Scotch Beef Club" association outside the UK. Membership in this club is allowed only to restaurants that use Scottish and specially selected products of the highest quality.

A steak house appropriate for Belgrade. Scottish T-bone steak, Scottish rump steak, lamb chops, Serbian T-bone steak, Scottish steak, and steak from Serbia are all a part of the magnificent offer. Unique primarily in the choice of meat. Unbelievably comfortable due to the ideal interior in which modern fashion rules. Everyone knows that nothing warms the soul like tradition and that is why this restaurant manages to please and relax you. Numerous details, and yet, at the center of attention are you and your desires.

In addition to the meat that is prepared and served in elite restaurants around the world, unreal Italian cuisine is prepared here. With the help of small food producers from all over Serbia, expect unexpectedly creative dishes. Each one is a masterpiece. Evergreen options such as burgers, kebabs, chicken, or homemade sausage are also available. Be sure to find the dish for you that will improve your mood.

Life without wine is like a song without music. To get what you deserve, and what you deserve are more than 60 quality labels from all over the world. Don't waste time, just come to rock on the waters of the Danube and indulge all your senses.