Tuk Tuk Thai



Thai food that Belgrade needs. Original recipes that a beautiful lady packed into her suitcase and flew from Thailand directly to Belgrade. Only to embark on an entirely new gastronomic journey. Page by page, or more precisely, dish by dish, new experiences for the palate line up every day. Authentic specialties in an incredibly pleasant space are all you need for an exceptional and positive day in Belgrade, in the middle of Vracar.

Her love for cooking birthed the idea of ​​opening this small restaurant with great potential. Almost every ingredient and absolutely every spice are imported. The fusion of unusual ingredients brings out an explosive taste in the best possible sense. You no longer have to travel to faraway Thailand for delicious food. Thailand came to you and is waiting for you in the city centre.

The first step in getting to know this fine cuisine is the Thai appetizers and the second one is getting yourself your favourite drink. Thai noodles are prepared in four ways: chicken, beef, shrimp, and vegetarian. Thai rice is available in the same versions. The soup dishes won over many hearts in a short period. Coconut pearl, tapioca, and sticky rice with mango make a sweet offering that will make you always spare some time to come visit Tuk Tuk Thai.

The capacity of the restaurant is forty guests. During the summer, a much bigger crowd and a great atmosphere are inside the garden, tailored for blissful moments. A myriad of details and a multitude of colors will make you smile as soon as you step into the universe called Tuk Tuk Tai.