Ada Mall

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A modern shopping area, a place for socializing and terraces with a fabulous view of the city are just the beginning of a world-class shopping story. Considering that the capacity of the parking lot reaches the number of 1,000, that the shopping center is built according to the most demanding socially-responsible standards, that due to the glass roof, daylight penetrates into each corner of the interior, and the leading decoration is greenery, the conclusion is that this is a completely different address of urban entertainment.

Five floors are reserved for local and foreign brands that offer the purchase of clothing, footwear, appliances, home equipment, cosmetics, children's wear, toys and everything you can imagine. The garage occupies a total of three floors underground. The entire appearance is in line with nature near the commercial complex. What is Ada Ciganlija for lovers of quality staying outdoors, that is Ada Mall for consumers. The shape of the lake, many details of natural materials, green walls and terraces create a completely different impression while walking through the magnificent center that was officially opened on 23rd May 2019.