Museum of chocolate

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A new age - new trends. Museums in Belgrade are no longer exclusively reserved for the history, art, culture and other pillars of humanity. Since February 2020, the capital of Serbia has a very special museum. Dedicated exclusively to chocolate.

The museum exhibition has the sweetest subjects ever. In addition to enjoying it, education is also part of the same portion. Visitors will discover all the essential facts about the most popular sweet taste in the world through a walk through the museum. The whole story is divided into rooms. The first is called "Prasuma" (Jungle) and is tasked with introducing loyal chocolate lovers to the main ingredient of each chocolate. Cocoa in the spotlight. Next up is "Europe" and in an interesting way it reveals magical cocoa roads to the old continent.

You are one step away from Serbia's encounter with chocolate. Listen carefully to find out when and how chocolate arrived on the home field. The last "Fashion Room" contains exhibits. Not plaster objects. Nor glass ones. There are only chocolate items here. Shortly - an idyll you could never have imagined.