Dolce by Tintolino


OPENS AT 08:00

The sweetest fairy tale in Belgrade. Krunska Street in Vracar proudly presents pastry shop resembling chic bistro from Paris. Baroque style with modern details makes the interior incredibly beautiful. The luxury of the space resembles a romantic castle from ancient times. Still the most important thing is what is on the menu. Every pastry is a real piece of art. The tastes cannot be described - you must find your own favourite one.

Before you make the final decision, try every sweet bite. Just when you think that there is no surprise dessert, infinitely friendly staff always have a magic suggestion that is impossible to resist. It has been so since 2008, when this sweet story began. The workshop of small and big cookies, cakes and other varied treats is not a factory where sugar is consumed without limits. This is an authentic temple of incredible sweet treats. The concept managed by hedonism and quality is enriched with delicious Italian ice cream.

During the winter inside, during the summer in the garden - you cannot tell where you feel more comfortable. Tasting of sweet pleasure is enriched with first-class coffee, freshly squeezed juices, exceptional wines and special brandies (rakija). People who value the highest standards are regular guests. This is not a modern pastry shop. This is the kingdom for the sweetest enjoyment ever. From morning to night, for the youngest and for those with decades of life experience.