The Festival of Choreographic Miniatures 2017

21st Festival of Choreographic Miniatures in Belgrade from 2nd to 10th June

Thursday 1st of June 2017

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This year, the Festival of Choreographic Miniatures under the slogan "U korak s vremenom" (In step with the times) is held on "Rasa Plaovic" stage of the National Theatre, at the Museum of the National Theatre and Bitef Theatre. This artistic manifestation is held for the 21st time with a competitive as well as a non-competitive programme section and following programme. International choreographers competition is organized, as well as programme "Esej u pokretu" (Essay on the move) dedicated to Smiljana Mandukic, presentation of local choreographers Milos Isailovic and Dusan Muric and seminar about critical practise in artistic game. The Festival is scheduled for 2nd June at 14:00 at the National Theatre.

69 applications from 18 countries have arrived for International choreographers competition. The audience will have the opportunity to enjoy choreographic work of authors from Italy, Switzerland, Armenia, Ukraine, Poland, Germany, Bulgaria, Slovenia and Serbia for free. Three main rewards and plaque Aleksandar Izailovski, for the inventiveness of artistic expression, will be awarded on Festival of Choreographic Miniatures. Jury members are prima ballerina Ashen Ataljanc, leading ballerina of the Serbian National Theatre Andreja Kulesevic and choreographers Vesna Orlic, Sara Sguotti from Italy and Radu Poklitaru from Ukraine. Jelena Kajgo, Sanja Krsmanovic Tasic and Vera Obradovic are in charge for the critic award. The audience award will get the contestant who gets the biggest applause. Institute for artistic game will award a recognition in the form of scholarships to one local choreographer.

Festival of Choreographic Miniatures (FKM) is an international dance festival held annually in Belgrade since 1997 and organized by the Association of Ballet Artists of Serbia. The mission of the festival is to promote contemporary dance in the broadest sense and to inform the professional and general public with current and upcoming trends. This manifestation is very significant when it comes to development of artistic game in our country because the Festival, from the start, has given the unique opportunity to a large number of young, talented choreographers to promote their artistic expressions, ideas and method of work in front of the audience. A lot of contestants got the chance to work independently afterwards within theatres or alternative troops. The Festival has the support of the Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia and the Secretary for Culture of the city of Belgrade.