Autumn in Belgrade 2017

Great events, quality club season, numerous concerts and much more will mark the autumn season in the Serbian capital

Sunday 24th of September 2017

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For many, especially romantic souls, Belgrade is the most beautiful during the autumn days. Fallen leaves in all colours, unpredictable rain and city crowd at every step undoubtedly indicate that autumn has arrived, in the most beautiful way. While the youngest relentlessly are using the last sunny days for playing outdoors, those slightly older are returning to school, hardworking housewives are preparing ajvar (a pepper-based condiment) and rich winter stores, and a metropolis like Belgrade is ready to welcome the first days of autumn.

There are so many places in Belgrade that are like created for the autumn period. Do not allow a few drops of rain to lock you into the living room - a large umbrella and waterproof footwear are enough for a happy scenario. Kalemegdan is fascinating during autumn. The spectacular colour of the fallen leaves that creak under the feet create the perfect sound and the feeling that we are not sure whether we are in love with autumn or autumn decided to charm us with its incredible charms. Botanical Garden Jevremovac also has a special charm at this time of the year.

Leading city clubs open their doors and guarantee a superb experience with the world's best known names of electronic music and the best that the home field offers. The new theater and cinema season brings quality programme and content tailored to everyone's taste. Museums, numerous festivals and galleries seem more readily than ever, expecting the first visitors of new cultural and artistic events. Book Fair is an event that will be talked about for a long time, and there are also numerous gastronomic musters that will present new tastes in local area. Judging by the announcements, we are waiting for more than an interesting period.

Officially, the autumn came on Friday, 22nd September and will last until 21st December when the winter starts. So, autumn will last 91 days. Take advantage of the upcoming days and nights, plan well each free moment and enjoy everything that the autumn idyll brings.