Belgrade at night: What you should bring to a club

The obligatory content of every bag

Friday 29th of December 2017

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1. Money. Cash is always a safe option. Do not relay on credit cards because the card machines (payment terminals) always break down when we depend on them. Even worse is to expect that someone else pays for you.

2. Behaviour. Do not be rude and impolite.

3. Condom. Nobody wants sexually transmitted diseases or a baby with a stranger.

4. Size of a bag. The smaller the better. The point is to have fun and enjoy the atmosphere not to look after your things. The most necessary things fit mini editions. The world will not end if you do not have a half of your life in a bag next to you.

5. Bubble gum. There is no need for any extra explanations.

6. Wet wipes. A DJ is doing his best tonight and every song is yours. Great. Dancing all night will definitely enhance sweating. Quick touching up in the toilette solves the problem. Let other people take the dance floor.

7. Make up. Ladies, if you put make up on, you have to have the basics for touching up. Dancing and laughing will make a night a magical one, but foundation suffers because of fun. Fortunately, there are mini sets that do not take much space.

8. Mobile phone and home keys. A gallery full of selfies is not a proof that a party was the best ever. Phone is used to meet the company and call a taxi on your way home because everything comes to an end. Keys guarantee that you are going straight to your bad - the most beautiful place in the world after a long night.