We present: DJ Len Faki

A performer of the German techno scene who has almost 430,000 fans on Facebook

Tuesday 5th of December 2017

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Len Faki is a world-renowned DJ and producer whose residence is Berlin. He is one of the most deserving performers of contemporary techno who, with his commitment to free music production, moves the boundaries of classical techno in the direction of modern and high-quality sound. Through his "Figure" label, founded in 2003, he shows an incredible feeling for creating music and gathers young talents who need support.

He was born in Stuttgart where he began his career in the nineties of the last century. When the renowned Berghain club opened in Berlin in 2004, it was this DJ that was given the opportunity to be the leading name and carrier of top-class entertainment. All these years of residency did not spoil him at all, he regularly makes new sets and long mixes he is recognizable for and that celebrated him. A passion for techno that spreads incredible energy can be felt at his parties.

Each performance is accompanied by contemporary visual effects that emphasize a special atmosphere. Wherever he performs, he does his best in order for the audience to enjoy and remember a night out with Len Faki. He mainly plays his songs, the old ones from the period while he had the labels "Monoid" and "Feis", as well as more recent ones that are big hits. Famous DJs and producers like Slam, Johannes Heil, Markus Suckut, A.Mochi, Psyk and many others release for his label.

The continuation of the production career was realized through the launching of the "Podium" label in 2006. Together with his friends and colleagues, he recorded songs that became popular among many audiences in short order. The following year, he released songs "My Black Sheep" and "Odyssee II" for "Death By House" label whose owner is Sven Väth. The success that followed was not expected by anybody, and the summer of 2008 in Ibiza was his. Soon, the Grove magazine readers awarded him for the best song and best producer. It has become quite clear that Len will rule the electronic universe for a long time. Today, he is a name that guarantees perfect clubbing to the highest standards.