January in Belgrade 2018

The early bird gets the worm

Sunday 7th of January 2018

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The first month of the year is a symbol of a new beginning. Positive atmosphere and good vibes are felt at every step. Serbs celebrate Christmas on 7th January, and seven days later the Serbian New Year. The festive euphoria, the most beautiful wishes and gifts are now in their peak. It is the right moment to visit some of the restaurants made for winter idyll and try the dish you have never tried before. Experiment with tastes, discover new things that create happiness. Be sure to say sorry to those you have involuntarily injured. Feed the sparrows. Small symbols of Belgrade are in trouble because of other larger species. Be proud of yourself from the first day of 2018.

When it will snow. Winter without a white blanket is just cold time of the year, without magic. Sliding will have to wait for a while, if the forecast is to be believed. Fortunately, it is never bored in a big city and this month brings interesting things to cold streets. Top 3 events in Belgrade for January 2018 are:

1. The Moscow circus on ice. On 15th January, the Sava Center will host the famous Russian troupe that has existed since 1964. Acrobatics on ice are attractive to audiences of all ages.

2. Belgrade Metal Meeting. The debut metal music festival is scheduled for 19th January from 16:00 in the Hall of Sports "Ranko Zeravica" in Novi Beograd. Famous representatives of hard sound from domestic and foreign scene will perform.

3. First winter Belgrade aquathlon. The Serbian Triathlon Union for the first time on 27th January organizes this sport competition with the tendency to become a traditional event. The Sports Center 25. maj i.e. Milan Gale Muskatirovic is a place where beginners, young people and professionals of both sexes will compete. The Hawaiian sport has active trainees all over Serbia. Running and swimming are disciplines that are judged. If you are not in shape to compete, provide support from the stands.

Nightlife. The other half of the winter club season brings numerous parties across the city. The center of attention is the celebration of the Serbian New Year with excellent electronic sound. Just choose your favourite club and dance to techno until the morning. After the break, RnB returned to the epicenter. Surely, the main "culprit" is Jay Z, who released the album "4:44" last year. The music giant of the world scene has published a fairly autobiographical material where he raps about his wife Beyonce, newly born twins and a marital affair. Prepare your hips for this rhythm and go straight to the club.

To be happy or to be right. A question or life motto? Probably we will never reveal the truth as we do not know whether a chicken is older or an egg. This is not the time of the year when you should exaggerate with philosophical thinking. By January next year and the magic that it brings, the whole year will pass. So enjoy every moment.

Plus. Christmas and New Year's circular messages are pure art of harassment. Unbearably boring verses tirelessly circulate in inboxes. We sincerely hope you are not among those who create such content and do not forward it to the entire contacts list. There is nothing better than simplicity. Merry Christmas and Happy Serbian New Year 2018.