Street buskers in Belgrade

Music at every step

Saturday 24th of February 2018

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What do Rod Stewart, B. B. King, Tracy Chapman, Ed Sheeran, Sheryl Crow have in common? They began their careers with empty stomachs and heads full of as street performers. It used to be a question of existence, good entertainment and artistic process to perform on the street, to be a busker.

The new millennium brings a new trend to promote well-off, educated and professional musicians on the street collecting the sympathy and empathy of ordinary citizens that later really pays off. The best example is the French phenomenon Zaz.

There is no metropolis nor an attractive tourist destination without street buskers. As part of the cultural offer of daily and evening tours, Belgrade can boast its busker team. Zika Obretkovic and a fifer Danilo from some other times slowly go to oblivion and skilled educated and professional performers enrich the sound of Belgrade's streets and squares.

Eight years ago, the Pilers played in Knez Mihailova Street. Today, Danijel, Darko and Sandra are graduating from the Academy and have an international career. In Knez Mihailova Street you will be welcomed by talented teenagers and experienced musicians. Each season, they are better "crazies" and more attractive. The right reason to opt for simple walks in the city center.