We present: DJ Green Velvet

More than electronic music, far beyond a good DJ

Monday 9th of April 2018

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Green Velvet literally rules the world club scene. Hometown Chicago, the rest of America, perfect Europe and other continents are a dance floor that is always crowded wherever it is located. Audience loves him, club owners too. Each of his performances is sold out in advance. The secret to great success lies in incredible talent.

Curtis Alan Jones has been dictating the rhythm in electronic music since 1991. He was a good student and graduated chemical engineering at the Ilinios University the same year. Just when he was supposed to seek a job in a profession with a fresh degree, he decided to pursue his dreams. Instead of high-ranked positions and prestigious titles, his goal was to play and create music.

He found inspiration for his first studio work in music signed by Kraftwerk, Gary Numan and Prince. House and techno from his studio, from his label "Cajual Records", have always had an effect like a strong magnet already at first listening. He quickly created his own style, which is inspiration to many people. The first song he released, "Brighter Days" was a super hit that came to the second place on the "Billboard Hot Dance Music/Club Party chart" top list. He was born on 26th April 1967. His zodiac sign says a lot about his success - bulls (Taurus) rule the world, everyone knows.

Because of his looks, primarily hair in neon colours, people considered him a punk. He tried to prove how closer he was to the "lifestyle" of David Bowie than the punk philosophy, and definitely got rid of unwanted comparisons by publishing the song "Preacher Man" which marked the era of the nineties.

He changed the names he appeared under, music genres, collaborators and labels. What is deeply engraved in his biography is the fact that he has always been able to "guess" the taste of the audience. He has long been one of the rulers of Ibiza, Amsterdam, Berlin and other locations - the synonyms for best clubbing. Every new song and album always brings something different. It is not known whether he will remain faithful to his recognizable appearance. But he will to the clubs around the world and perfect music for sure.