Parties that marked the winter club season

Retrospective of the winter rhythm

Monday 21st of May 2018

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The winter club season 2017/18 is over. Seven months of indoor entertainment will be remembered for great music and big parties. Techno marked winter clubbing, though, trance parties were more numerous than ever. In addition to new places for dancing till the morning, the winter season brought positive changes to the local DJ scene.

October is the month when clubs in Belgrade officially open. The first big party was made by Nick Warren and Cid Inc on 21st October. A techno star from Brazil, Victor Ruiz, only a couple of days later, brought incredible energy and great music to the capital. In the summer rhythm from Ibiza continued the Italians Tale Of Us that justified the status of the world DJ sensations. With this kind of guest performances we did not even notice that the summer ended.

November can be a very boring period when nothing happens. But not in Belgrade. There was no dilemma where to go out any weekend. How to get to all the parties was the only thing people were thinking about. Paul Kalkbrenner, Stephan Bodzin and Gramatik justified their status as planetary stars. Particularly attractive were parties with local DJs. The big China Town party showed how good are DJs from Serbia.

December was the month of fun in the festive mood, and the clubbing was available at every step. Electronic music from the home area got its space on the Republic Square as part of the big city New Year's event, which brought a special enthusiasm. Among numerous guest performances from abroad, a DJ and producer Sasha left the most powerful impression.

January, or a great rhythm for the beginning of 2018. Two New Years are celebrated in Belgrade, so there was twice as much entertainment. Party, party and just a party. February started with hosting Loco Dice and something completely different on the local scene. The DJs heard by those who never entered the club - Boza Podunavac, Mirko Lazarevic and Dusan Kacarevic formed the Collective Triii and started a new era of electronic music in the city. During the winter, they organized three great parties with great names. Thanks to them, Belgrade danced to the rhythm of pure techno.

March - the period of waking after the cold winter. Though in clubs it is never cold because good music warms both the soul and the body, this period brought stirring up. After the break, Lea Dobricic returned to her field. For the performance of Fedde Le Grand, tickets were ih high demand, and Luciano and Valentino Kanzyani marked the end of the first spring month. Clubs organized very well every weekend so Belgrade was incredible at night.

April brought nice weather, but it did not distract clubbers from switching night and day. Friday 13th will remain in everyone's memory. The Amnesia Ibiza Showcase is a party that is still being talked about. Music, mood, energy - everything was like in Ibiza. We are eagerly waiting for a replay party.

May is the month when the clubs are officially closed in Belgrade. The ending current season was a special stage of clubbing and deserves a spectacle for the end. That is exactly what happened. On 19th May, Marko Nastic celebrated twenty years of his career as one of the most famous Belgrade DJs. The "Retrospektal" party presented two decades of successful work and a retrospective of club music. The end of the 2017/18 season could not have been better.