Belgrade under Belgrade

Meet the underground world of Belgrade through a professionally guided tour

Saturday 28th of July 2018

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For lovers of mysteries, legends, ancient history and riddles, Belgrade is an unexcelled inspiration. The old European city hides in depth part of its past and mystery, beneath the ground. A completely different walk through the capital of Serbia should not be missed.

Every Saturday and Sunday, by the end of September, you have the opportunity to join curious adventurers and discover the underground world - Belgrade under Belgrade. The meeting point for a walk accompanied by great stories is at the Memorial of gratitude to France. One of the secrets of the Belgrade Fortress is the Roman Well at Kalemegdan, and even Alfred Hitchcock said it was an inspiration for him. You will feel energy, hear legends, true lectures and find out more.

The tour takes you through Kalemegdan to the military bunker and the Big Powder Magazine where the oldest Roman monuments of ancient Singidunum are kept. Through history and stories, you are led by Zoran Nikolic, a famous Belgrade journalist, researcher and author of the book "Belgrade Under Belgrade". Secrets of a rich past at first hand.