Morning after party

How to beat a hangover

Sunday 14th of October 2018

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You just went out for one drink, and the next thing you remember is unsuccessful attempts to put the key into the lock. While standing in front of your door and blaming the universe and bad horoscope for the new situation, you already make a firm promise to yourself that you will never "get stuck" in the club again. The first call for going out breaks the promise that melts like ice in a cocktail.

At the moment, the next night out seems to be a point too far in the future, and the only thing you are thinking about is recovering from the previous night. What to do on the first day after going out and how to help yourself are the main topic. There are no hangover remedies, but some small rituals are definitely doing the work.

1. Do not blame yourself. At least not too much

Before you start the recovery, put the situation straight. If in the morning you know where you are and you woke up in your bed, everything is fine. Friends, habits and incredible atmosphere could also make a different, far worse scenario. If you remember the whole night out, or almost all, you are not the worst. There is always someone who does not even think about behaviour and consequences. They are not a role model and you should not compare yourself to them, but it means that it can always be worse.

2. Water, water and water

A lot of water will most help against hangover. For the future, while enjoying your night out, make sure to drink plenty of water with the drink as it will alleviate the effects of alcohol. Vitamin C will not harm you, on the contrary. Headache is normal, but medication will not help much. But water will. You should avoid coffee. Freshly squeezed fruit juices and tea are bull's eye.

3. Strong food

Today is not a day for a diet. You probably also feel sick because of alcohol, smoke and fatigue. Specific foods are guaranteed to help. Soup, broth and a lot of meat will make you feel better and stronger.

4. Sleeping

Cancel all plans and spend the day in bed. The body is recovering only with quality sleep. Close the blinds and get some rest.

5. Sorry

You do not have to justify yourself and your actions to others. However, should call all friends you were out with, and if you have made unpleasant scenes, you should offer a sincere apology. Take a chance to hear their impressions during the conversation to make sure that you remember everything. If that famous one drink was in a bar, stop by the bartender, thank him for a splendid overture, and apologize for any improper behaviour.

6. New round - new adventure

You know that the hangover will not last forever and you will soon be in a dilemma where to go out to. When you get ready for a new night out - read the text again. Do not be surprised by a hangover again. Never forget that clubbing is not demonstrating excessive alcohol and drugs consumption but a way to socialize, have fun and listen to great music.