Saturday in clubs

Modern rhythm, retro party and excellent trance are on the programme on the 20th night of October

Thursday 18th of October 2018

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It is crazy at the Ludost club. A recipe for clubbing on Saturdays is Cojke at the DJ counter. On his own the whole night! From 23:00 to 06:00, you will listen to music Cojke wants to play. There is no dilemma nor compromise with quality entertainment. The host of nighttime entertainment in Savamala has as many working hours as the average fan of Belgrade at night has spent in clubs. So do not worry if the fun will be good. It will be great.

Strafta club is the place where the "Beogradjanka" party will take place on Saturday, 20th October. From 22:00 to 04:30, DJ Ognjen Krstic has a task to present the magic of Belgrade's former dancing parties. Music for dancing is exclusively on the repertoire. Schlager music and rock hits from the sixties and seventies, disco of the 1980s, dance rhythm of the nineties, and a completely different wave of production from the 2000s are the perfect basis for winning the dance floor. It is up to you to go with the flow and have a great time retro way.

The Goasapiens collective is organizing a big trance party at Kolos boat-based club. Penultimate Saturday in October brings the world stars of trance to the city. Avi Nissim and Lior Perlmutter, better known as Astral Projection and Skazi Asher, are guests that you have been waiting for a long time. The Tel Aviv team has been ruling trance universe for a long time and there is no party at which they did not leave a strong impression. Get ready to be fascinated with their talent. DJs Aquapipe, Sivi and Albert are Goasapiens support. Remember: 20th October from 23:00 to 06:00. You will not regret buying a ticket.