Where to go out to: parties on Saturday - 7th April 2018

Three regular, yet excellent parties guarantee the best fun in April as well

Wednesday 4th of April 2018

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Hype club has a proven recipe for top-notch clubbing on Saturdays. On the seventh day of April, from 23:00 to 06:00, the music is played by John Belk and Goran Starcevic. Excellent music is quite enough reason for you to show up in the best edition. A very modern club insists on world-class entertainment and trendy people gather here regularly. Are you one of them?

Ludost is a zone of everything that is defined as perfectly good entertainment. Great attendance throughout the season indicates that it has been crazy and unforgettable here. The good rhythm should not be changed. That is why this Saturday, on 7th April, at 23:00, DJ Cojke is in charge of a crazy night. Milos Starcevic will keep him company over the mixing desk. Double good beat.

Square club organizes a party called "Bling" on Saturdays, and the music host is DJ Smiley. A unique mix that represents a fusion of quality and contemporary trends is ready for a new night club adventure. Warm up your hips for house and r'n'b hits. Guaranteed dose of positive vibes in the city center.