Who is Boris Brejcha

Disk jockey is past. For the present an ace up your sleeve is not enough. The modern world needs the joker

Monday 29th of October 2018

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German. Electronic fanatic. So creative that he patented his own genre in the techno universe. His music and appearance absolutely raise the mood. There is no club or festival where he performed without having received the best reviews. Boris Brejcha is the name with which clubbing gets a completely different dimension. And beat.

The joker mask is his trademark. His personal touch is "Fckng Serious" label. In 2012, he created his own genre, high-tech minimal that he defined as "the intelligent music of tomorrow". In addition, he also created "Boris Brejcha Showcase" which represents the fusion of his experimental, yet excellent music and performance under the mask. He organized a different kind of entertainment in 2017. The bus of the same name as the label was travelling across Europe, and all travellers were delighted. There is a new round of unforgettable parties on wheels.

Boris Brejcha was born in 1981. He has been engaged in music since childhood. He started his professional career in 2006 with two editions - Monster and Yellow Kitchen. Both were released by "Autist Records" from Berlin. The following songs, My Love, Die Maschinen, Sind Gestrandet and Lost Memory came to the market under the label "Harthouse". These songs were the first ones to show Boris's music experimentation without competition. Soon after the launch of the three ultimate hits, the "Raveline" magazine award for outstanding talent followed. In the same year, in 2007, he created more good songs under pseudonym "Anna". With so much energy, domestic success and incredible author music, world-class career was inevitable.