November 2018 in Belgrade

There is no bad weather for the best city entertainment

Friday 2nd of November 2018

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With changing the clock one hour backwards, we definitely entered the winter mode. And this rule is the main suspect for chronic sleepiness. Speaking about rules, do not forget an important one. According to the law, the deadline for replacing winter tyres is 1st November. If temperatures are above the average for this time of year, more precisely above seven to eight degrees, you are not obliged to drive on four winter tyres. You can wait for the last moment, i.e. first snow or you can properly obey the law as soon as possible. The decision is up to you, but keep in mind that the fines are from 6,000 up to 200,000 dinars. It is definitely more fun to spend money on going to a restaurant or tickets for a concert than paying for traffic fines.

Important information for everyone who is in Belgrade this November - this is totally musical month. Whatever kind of music you listen to, you will find it on the repertoire. Live. Bilja Krstic and Bistrik, Balkanopolis, Galija, Elsiane, joint concert of four stars - Vasil, Bisera, Gabi and Matija, then My Baby, Neno Belan and Fiumens, Kaliopi, Stefan Milenkovic, Aleksandra Radovic, Prti Bee Gee, concert of famous performers of domestic music from the '80s, Rok opera, Alestorm, Peter Murphy and many others will perform at the most famous places in the city.

New Year's Eve is about to come. The right moment for fairs and winter gatherings. The Belgrade Fair will be the address with the largest number of pets in one place on 18th November. The International Dog Show, Cacib 2018, will gather more than 1,000 participants for the title "Most Beautiful Dog". At least twenty international kinology judges will choose the best dog at the event organized for the 63rd time.

National cuisine will be the main reason for coming to the same location from 21st to 24th November, when the 13th Ethno Food and Beverage Fair is held. Handmade, tasty, organic, proven quality. Only such products will be offered. In the same place, at the Belgrade Fair, from 29th November to 2nd December, there will be no more dogs or lovers of tastes from Serbia. The fans of winter and winter sports finally have a manifestation for themselves - Expo-Zim 2018. Without false modesty, everyone will enjoy the city this November.

It is the peak time for slava (St. Patron's Day). The hosts are focused on organizing an important date and engaging in actions and other consumer dilemmas. Should you buy in famous retail chains or give trust and money to the newly launched "Lidl" brand? Whatever you decide, celebrate your slava in happiness and peace.

Guests going to slava have a hard time too. Often it is necessary to have the power of super organized management in order to respect all hosts. We want you to achieve everything and not get weight from slava specialties.