Rooms with a fantastic view

A view of the famous city attractions from hotel bed

Friday 16th of November 2018

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Belgrade has its own special way to delight you again. And it is so interesting that it cannot get bored. Whenever you want the best impression, choose a hotel room with a view of the main city locations. The city center will delight you as never before. Eternal romance at first glance.

Luxurious, even more luxurious - Hilton. The guarantee of a truly perfect stay is five great stars. As you wake up or prepare for a good night, there is Slavija roundabout in front of you. It cannot get any closer. Music fountain, colour rhapsody and genuine city hustle and bustle. Staying at this address allows you to get to know directly with the busiest part of the city. Thanks to modern technology and quality, peace is guaranteed.

Vracar enthusiasts turn its drawbacks into unique advantages. They feel so good in this part of the city that they do not even want to give a chance to other zones. One of the most popular buildings of the entire city is in Vracar. The Temple of St. Sava and the entire plateau around it are definitely one of the top 5 places for taking photographs. If you are enchanted by these beauties, Crystal Hotel is for you. Rooms have a direct view of the Temple. There is a special atmosphere at the hotel. A dose of global trends, a dose of traditional Serbian hospitality. A hotel in which passengers of all cultures, habits and needs will feel equally well.

Shopping, Kalemegdan, popular restaurants and bars, legendary Dorcol. These are all your interests. Perfect. There is no need to waste time on traffic jams, it is best for you to stay in Knez Mihailova Street. In the center of the center. Belgrade Art Hotel is located between museums, galleries, shops and other interesting places and locations that represent history and culture. You will not miss any city event. Grab the city rhythm and indulge yourself with magic called Belgrade.