December in Belgrade 2018

An atmosphere that will make everyone cheerful. A programme that hits right into the center. An enormously powerful euphoria - present. And where are you?

Saturday 1st of December 2018

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Welcome to Belgrade in the most beautiful edition. You have the right to think and say that New Year's lighting is pure kitsch, that it consumes electricity or that you just do not like it, but you can not deny the effect it produces. And all those decorations, artificial and natural Christmas trees and glittering decoration will look even better when snow falls. Everything is ready for the #snow sensation.

With or without snow on the streets, you will not be able to visit all the events. There are more events than ever. You have as many legitimate reasons to isolate yourself from city hype. Without remorse, ignore the whole plan for the New Year's Eve and New Year's parties, if that is what you really want. Although it is not the best decision.

Plays and concerts in December are almost equal. Events for children are as numerous as for adults. Not even the elderly are neglected this month. On the contrary. The only thing you should do is to prepare coffee, tea or some other favourite drink, sit down and take your time looking at the calendar of events. And when you find out what is happening in the city, go to the club calendar to find the best parties. If you are closer to and fond of folk music, the answer to the question of where to go out find in the tavern calendar.

Even better "Belgrade Winter" is coming. Perhaps you do not know what it is about, but it is a great manifestation that brings a typical metropolitan style. Square of an Open Heart, wooden houses, humanitarian sales of mulled wine, sweets and souvenirs, open ice-skating rinks and much more will mark the winter in Belgrade in 2018/19. In every part of the city.

December is not the month in which you have to be joyful because someone has invented the New Year's Eve and all euphoria about it. These are yours and only your thirty plus one day. Do only what makes you happy. People rush somewhere all year long. The more you hurry, the harder you get there. Both to the desired location and to the realization of your wishes. So now, follow your instinct. Do not be depressed because you will not buy everything you need again. New shoes do not bring a big smile. OK, they do, but just for a moment. Neither do hi-tech toys. Super cool new cars, modern phones and other sales representatives on sales - no, no, no.

Peace in mind and heart. It is the one that radiates. Joy. Health. Love. These are the driving forces and essential ingredients for a happy life. No cheap tricks. Just bravely, with lots of music and good mood. You should win over this December. Make it remember you well.