Gifts for her

Smart, useful, sweet, useless - it is time for presents

Saturday 29th of December 2018

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Mother, grandmother, sister, girlfriend, godmother, friend, colleague, many colleagues, aunt, neighbour - every one of them surely awaits a token of attention. What to buy a female person for the New Year and Christmas is a very frequent issue these days.

Whether they want to admit it or not, they love to receive gifts. Women are beautiful, women are the main driving force of the male brain, women are super capable. Women are also complicated. The last skill dates from ancient times and it is impossible to change the code into a simple, male system. There it comes the problem what to buy for a lady. We are surely solving the problem.

1. Makeup, perfume, cosmetics. Even if you lived with her, it would be hard to guess what she wants. The reason lies in the fact that men do not go with women in perfume shops and shops, but they are (impatiently) waiting in front of it or at a nearby coffee shop. When they get out of the shop, they cannot say what they liked because they have to argue with men why their five minutes always turns into fifty-five. We will not talk about male-female relationships now. If you want to give her something from her favourite empire of scents, colours and cosmetics - give her a shopping voucher. Perhaps she will first be angry because you have not been creative, but she will soon realize that you have done the best thing. The safest option - avoid this terrain.

2. Clothes and footwear. This should be far easier than the first option. If she never wears anything in orange colour, this is because she does not like it. Certainly not because she did not have time to buy something orange. So, stick with the checked colours and models. Likewise, if she never chooses extremely high heels, do not give her such a pair of shoes. He will never put it on.

3. Dinner at her favourite restaurant. Great. It is just that food is not as important to women as it is to men and they will not consider it a gift but a choice of a place to give presents.

4. Wine and chocolate. Always good choice.

5. Home decoration. Something from this range is more appropriate for your mother or grandmother. You know their interior and what would "fit" the best. Nobody has any tangible photos anymore, everything is in the phone. Buy a frame and make a newer photo where you are with her. She will love it.

6. Book. Probably the easiest way to delight a dear female person.

7. Jewellery. You really want to delight her. Well done! You should not go shopping for an ideal piece of jewellery alone. Call her sister or friend. The last thing you want to see is the disappointed expression of her face when he sees the gift.

A real woman is thrilled with the very act of getting a gift. When given from the heart, one chocolate causes the greatest smile. For others, an exclusively suitable gift is the latest pair of shoes signed by the legendary Christian Louboutin or trainers of debatable looks from the "Balenciaga" house. The ultra-fast white two-seater would cause many butterflies. Or an SUV. Without the guilty conscience, wish the best to these ladies and run. Otherwise, even two loans in the bank would hardly be enough. Just to survive.