Gifts for him

Nothing complicated. The simpler the better. Not for one season. It is not important whether it is modern. Quality above all. Definitely, it is not easy to choose the best present for men

Saturday 29th of December 2018

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If you, at least for some time, do not ask too many questions that begin with "why" and "is it possible that...", he will think he has already received the perfect New Year's gift. If you organize for him his favourite food, sweets, something for a drink at his fingertips - it is already a serious Christmas present. Mostly they say they do not want gifts, but they absolutely deserve them. What to give to a man to make him really excited? It is much easier than it seems.

1. PC gadgets. Computer equipment is a male obsession. They always miss a card, a special cable, memory. They also nurture the child inside and regardless of the age, they do not give up on games. Discreetly find out whether his "wish" is a gamer mouse or keyboard. In everyday conversation he will surely say that he wants a new game. If so, good luck in the store.

2. Food. O yes! Whether you choose a restaurant with XXL portions of meat or you prepare by yourself a specialty with meat, without much decoration - you will delight him. Do not worry if you get tired in the kitchen and hurry to bed. After an abundant meal, he will not complain because the overture is the end at the same time. Do not forget, they do not count calories. Chocolate cake, with chocolate cream, chocolate-covered, with chocolate crust will delight them more than any sweater or sweatshirt.

3. Avoid little things, accessories and cosmetics. They choose such things in a strange way. He does not care because he has too worn-out wallet. He is fond of it and he does not want a new one. If you found the same it would not be like his. Skip it. Furthermore, the fact that you like soft gray hat, scarf and gloves it does not mean that he will wear them. Ever. If he has no habit of putting a lot of things on him, even you will not change it.

4. They love dollars. Men love money. They have an unbreakable bond that reinforces with every new inflow. He will not mind at all about the lack of creativity or wrapping up the gift. It is not even important if they get a smaller amount than they might have expected. Plus: putting money into bank accounts is not nearly the same as banknotes in hand. It is important to feel it.

5. Pet. He explicitly expressed his desire to own a dog or a cat at least a dozen times. Wonderful. Do not hurry because he once said he would love to have an animal. Even better if breed is not a priority. Go together and visit animal shelters, but leave the choice to him. You take care of the necessities of a new tenant.

6. Drinks. They always drink the same. There is no way they can drink wheat beer one month and the next dark one. Do not fall for special New Year's packs. If it is twice as expensive and it has the same amount, you better buy two ordinary than one packed with a beer mug. The same story is with wines or other drinks.

7. If he plays golf, new gloves are an amazing gift. If he has never had a single lesson, you should not buy anything like that. He will be convinced that you want to change him, and you will not understand why he does not go to some fine sport. This leads directly to the discussion, the bunch of questions with "why" and "is it possible that...".