Alan Fitzpatrick: a favourite of techno planet

His own, popular, high quality and he has a talent that is respected by the whole electro nation

Monday 28th of January 2019

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Alan Fitzpatrick, musical artist of his generation. When media such as BBC Radio 1, Mixmag and Resident Advisor say for Alan that he is one of the leading DJs of today, there is no room for any doubt that he is just like that - perfect in every sense. From the most famous clubs through big festivals to the world fast food chain, his music is listened to everywhere.

Definitely the most popular name of the British electro scene rules the universe. Southampton is his birthplace but he has overcome local frameworks long ago. His father "infected" him with music in his childhood. Even though he grew up on soul and pop, hard electronic sound is his favourite.

It all began in late 2008 when he released the debut single "Nine Hours Later" for his own label "8 Sided Dice Recordings". The next year, he became the in-demand name. The big boom happened in 2011 when he signed a contract with the label "Drumcode", behind which is the legendary Adam Beier. This collaboration resulted in three high-listed albums, Static, Face Of Rejection and Insurgent Series. At the same time, a number of remixes have been released that the audience rated as top-notch.

Alan Fitzpatrick did not neglect the production work for a moment. John Digweed, Nick Muir, Slam, Joey Beltram, Dustin Zahn, Joel Mull and many others enjoy the services of his modern studio where great hits are made. Everything Alan signs as a producer must be among the top 100 songs on the "Beatport" techno chart.

Definitely, all doors of clubbing opened for Alan in 2016 after the "We Do What We Want" single and "Fabric 87" compilation for the label "We Are The Brave". Although he is one of the favourites at the global level, he has great relations with colleagues. With the audience in particular. Wherever he performs, he encounters enormous support.