Cheap restaurants: yes or no

Low prices, good service and what is more important - large portions of food

Friday 15th of February 2019

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Economic, cheap, affordable, normal, for everyone's pocket. This is how restaurants in Belgrade, that are not expensive and are worth a visit, are most often described. Maybe to someone who has not yet met the city sounds impossible for such places to really exist, but it is true. And that is not just one. There are many more.

Cheap restaurants are located in every part of the city. They can boast a long history of existence and successful business. The faithful audience does not visit them exclusively because of affordable prices, but also because of the atmosphere and relaxed feeling. How do these restaurants originate and why are they not expensive?

According to the unwritten rule, these places are not located in the most popular zones and therefore they do not have high rental costs. Automatic, labour costs are lower. Furthermore, there are no pretensions to be places for gathering people who follow trends but to be the second home for families and friends. They will not invest large sums into the ambiance to attract guests seasonally. Apparently, the target group is not trendy, but guests who like to have their own restaurant where they feel like at home.

Having no attractive ambiance does not mean that they are not beautiful restaurants. They mostly look simple but neat. Without innovative details, carefully designed space is ideal for everyday coming. At the tables of such restaurants there are no stories about who knows whom. Here all attention is focused on tasty, mostly homemade food and good drinks.

These restaurants are most often the result of a family business. That is why it is cooked with soul, and every guest is treated as an old friend. Menu is not a feature of world cuisine and you should not expect sushi or some other international specialty. What you can always order is cooked meals, barbecue, homemade cakes. Meal salad, pasta, pizza and baby menu are available in most places.

As always, the choice is yours, but keep in mind such places. You will not have lunch in an elite restaurant or drink luxury beverages, but you will certainly experience a pleasant experience that preserves the budget.