Music events for the weekend

Among the numerous larger and smaller gigs, some have been singled out which you must not miss. Why? Because they rarely happen

Wednesday 20th of February 2019

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Tourism Fair, FEST, exhibitions, programmes for children on longer holiday. February entertainment is more than excellent. The only thing missing is music. Now it is there, too. There are three unusual musical events ahead of you. We are what we listen to, aren't we?

We all know the biggest hits of the rock institutions such as Queen, The Beatles or Led Zeppelin. If you were wondering how they would sound in a different arrangement, more orchestral less rock, you will have the opportunity to get the answer on the concert "Rock classics" at Kolarac on Thursday, 21st February from 20:00. The end of the week in a strong and authentic rhythm.

Start the weekend warming up at the Russian House — Russian Centre of Science and Culture. Concert "Melodies of Culture from the Khazars to the Danube" will present the skills of the chamber orchestra Kyzylorda from Kazakhstan. Different cultures will merge into one musical whole. Absolute fantasy for ears begins on Friday from 19:00 and will last until 22:00.

And now quite different music. From 22nd to 24th February, the hip-hop festival "2Hot4Stage" will be realized at the address of an artistic concept known as Dorcol Platz. The fifth largest collection of this genre in the whole region is called "Urban circles" and the message it is getting across is that teamwork and unification are key to comprehensive development. Concerts, gaming zone, workshops, dance competitions, interesting exhibitions, all inspired by the hip-hop philosophy will mark the mini jubilee and the favourite event for all fans of popular sound.

An extra event: Music spiced up with dancing. It is not about any dance, it is about famous tango. The Belgrade tango weekend - the February edition will run from 22nd to 24th February, and most of the programme will be organized in the premises of Theater 78. Day and night milonga, professional dancers, trained amateurs and fresh beginners will be dancing for two days and two nights with the support of different DJs. Parties and after party programme, tango cinema, dance performances - tango in any form. However, the main feature of this event is a great atmosphere and therefore, if you have never stepped into the tango world, make sure to come.