Strong beat - Hot Since 82

Nights do not have an end with him. World big shot. DJ since he was 14 years old

Monday 11th of February 2019

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Tehno, house and tech house his way sound absolutely different. From native England to Ibiza, Miami, New York, the whole world. Daley Padley was born on 16th September. Although everyone thinks that he was born in 1982 - he was not. He was born in 1981. Typical Virgo in the Zodiac. Patient, analytical, impeccably precise, does not believe in happy circumstances but solely in his own work. That is why he managed to "infect" the entire planet with his music.

Since 2011, Hot Since 82 has been creating dynamic and energetic songs like made for every dance floor. Either club one or big festival's one. Since 2014, he has been owner of the label "Knee Deep In Sound", although he still collaborates with other publishers such as "Moon Harbor" and "Truesoul". He was at the DJ desk in his teens, and he became famous at the age of 17 for his sets lasting 12 hours.

Most DJs first make a career, then try to put it to a higher level by going to Ibiza. Hot Since 82 did not go the usual way.

In the summer of 2010, he was at the after party in Ibiza where the music unexpectedly stopped. He connected his phone to the speakers and played his unfinished song. The audience was delighted. It was the single "Let It Ride" which was released by the label "Noir Music" a year later. Great remixes of songs of renowned artists such as Pete Tong, Green Velvet, Rudimental followed. The first major party where he was the music host was "Cream Ibiza". Residencies followed and then a mega project came to fruition. Since 2016, every Friday, Hot Since 82 is the main star of the "A Labyrinth Story" party which is organized in the legendary club Pacha.

The list of collaborations and appearances in his resume so far is endless. He did a lot of things. He changed the club rhythm. He brought some new vibe to night life. Every song he releases must end up on almost all top-charts. Completely deserved, he won numerous awards. The largest of all is 2017 award for the producer of the year.