The 14th February: love and wine

Invitation for a special gathering, a reason for celebration, ode to tradition and yes to modern era

Sunday 3rd of February 2019

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The Serbian Orthodox Church celebrates 14th February as the day of the Saint Tryphon, the patron of sincere love of all believers. In history he is remembered as religious and very talented. Really modest. It was believed that he had healing powers and that he gave good health to many people. Whom he helped, he introduced him into Christian faith.

When he managed to cure the daughter of Emperor Gordian, Gordiana, he was proclaimed a miracle worker. The glory brought him material wealth, but he did not keep it for himself. All he had he gave to the poor, and he continued to take care of geese and help people. It was so until the throne was taken over by Emperor Decius who gave an order to expel every Christian. The emperor himself, after Tryphon's refusing to give up his faith, ordered his killing in the year of 250. His relics were first buried in his native city of Campsada.

Wine producers chose Saint Tryphon as their patron, and therefore, 14th February is also called the Day of Wine. On this day, the vine growers go to their vineyards to prune at least one vine branch, then pour it with wine. They believe that this ritual will bring them good yield.

St. Valentine's Day is a feast of the Roman Catholic Church. Valentine was killed because he married soldiers whom the Roman Emperor Claudius II explicitly banned to get married because he thought that men who made a pledge of everlasting love were bad warriors. In the 14th century, this celebration was recorded for the first time, and the mass one has been recorded since the 19th century.

It is now clear that Saint Tryphon and Saint Valentine had one message for everyone. Love. They both gave their lives - for love. They were brave, fought for the most valuable thing on the planet. For love. They knew that money, fame, or anything else cannot be more important than love. They did not believe in better tomorrow. They did everything to make today a better tomorrow.

Do not wait for the invitation to go out. You do invite. Do not hide your emotions. Maybe somebody will be faster. Do not give things that are easy to buy. Give your time and sincere emotions. You do not need Tryphon or Valentine to say "I love you", but it is certainly easier when you know that they are there for you and that you have the wind at your back.

You rarely remember hearts and teddy bears. The taste of good wine in right company is never forgotten. If you are not an expert in aromas, varieties and similar wine classifications, you are not the only one. And wine is always looking for a company. In every form.

Romantic restaurants in Belgrade are like made for such occasions. They have absolutely everything necessary for a perfect romantic dinner - wine, food, dessert and ambiance. Choose the best, invite a dear person and celebrate love. Let emotions that move the whole world rule the entire city.