From Berlin to the end of the world: Dixon

A DJ and producer that makes the planet dance to his own rhythm

Monday 11th of March 2019

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He has been present for more than twenty years because he has been striving for perfection. The new song is not just another venture. In each of them he put a part of himself, his experiences, his emotions. Dixon does not follow musical trends. Yes, he changes because he develops and constantly works on himself.

As a DJ, he closely follows the audience's mood. He loves his job and it is very important to him that everyone who comes to listen to him feels good vibes. He will never go out on the stage just to do the set. He follows what his colleagues have done before, he is thinking about new genres that will provide the audience the best time. He is among the favourite DJs because he is thinking and changing the music course on the spot. Is has been so from the very beginning in the early nineties and performances in the legendary Berlin club "Tresor" to Ibiza, Miami and almost all electronic music festivals.

He is not interested in hits for a season. He is not a man attracted by the splendor and glamour of popularity. He only believes in work. Unlike instant producers, he creates more slowly, but everything he makes is eternal.

House, deep house, minimal techno and techno are his genres. Those genres precisely dominate the releases published by the "Innervisions" label, one of the joint projects signed by Dixon and Ame. They have many rewards for solo careers, but joint efforts have been equally noticed since the establishment of the label in 2005.

High quality sound, focus on the details, exceptional technical precision and incredible skills he has enable him to win every dance floor in the first minutes of the performance. The ability to elicit emotions is feature of his music. It has always been so. The first or hundredth going to his performance, it does not matter. He never disappointed. Nor will he because he does not work for trendy clubbers who know only the most famous songs. They are welcome as well, but they cannot expect more than two hits for the night on his performance. Definitely, he has chosen the harder way. It is confirmed, he succeeded.

Dixon for the audience. In private life - Steffen Berkhahn. He was born in 1975. He showed great interest and talent for football since his early childhood. If he had not suffered serious injury, he would probably be a member of the German national team today. If he had not suffered serious injury, he would never discover electronic music he is completely obsessed with.