Where to go out to on Friday

Top entertainment and new season for great start of the weekend

Tuesday 19th of March 2019

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Warming up at home or at the local bar is by no means the right choice for the start of the first spring Friday. The place where the night starts ideally is Martinez. An adventure called Belgrade at night starts at 23:00. If you like the atmosphere and music, stay until 04:00. There is a great chance that you will wait for the morning here because this address is one of the favourites among urban clubbers.

Modern clubbers rarely come to this club. The true fans of nightlife are far more numerous. Those who follow the rhythm, and not the trend, are regular at the Gadost club. On Friday 22nd March, there will be a huge crowd and therefore come on time. Music will be played by outstanding Marko Nastic and Okain, a DJ and producer from France with more than 15 years of work experience. There can only be the best techno and nothing else. This will not be a good party. This will be total madness.

Novi BitefArtCafe will welcome the first Friday of the new season in funky style. DJs Stefan Novovic Iron, Bege Fank and Nemanja Jovanovic - Rebel B will play funk, funky groove, black beat, boogie, disco, soul, jazz and hip-hop from 22:00 to 04:00. Music support is Jim Walsh band. Be sure to dress lightly because you will not leave the dance floor even for a minute. Feel free to put on sequins for the wow effect. Premiere of "Back to Funk" party will delight the audience for whom a night out means dancing.